Imagine a day when the barricades erected around the subjects of suicide and mental illness start to come down.

Imagine a day when hundreds of Canada’s finest musicians across the country join together to offer music of healing and hope to those in jeopardy, and to those left behind.

Imagine a day when even one life might be saved as a result.

Imagine you, joining with us, to let everyone know their lives truly matter.


Mysterious Barricades hosts 15 concerts across Canada with performances by some of Canada’s top musicians. The day-long concert begins at sunrise in St. John’s and ends at sunset in Victoria. This phenomenal concert is free to attend and to enjoy in person or online. Live streaming is available to anyone who wishes to join the event.

The donation of time and talent from each extraordinary musician is performed for the purpose of providing healing and connection to those affected by suicide, either in surviving a loss or in dealing with their own mental health.

People touched by suicide, mental health professionals, community figures, politicians, and ordinary Canadians stand up on this day to speak about mental health and suicide in hopes of reducing stigma and providing support.

We hope to connect our country with this incredible musical and human event.

This day-long musical event is tied together by a powerful musical theme. That theme is Mysterious Barricades.

Get Your Tickets

To learn more about attending a free live concert performed by outstanding musicians in 15 cities across Canada, select the city near you listed below.

For those unable to attend a live concert or who wish to experience all 15 concerts, we will provide online streaming of all concerts across Canada on September 14, 2019 and for the week following.

11,000 people have viewed streaming of the concerts, which include inspiring personal stories and valuable suicide prevention information.


To become more open and accepting of mental illness, a substantial conversation must take place. I want to herald in that conversation with music—loud, glorious, positive and far-reaching, deeply reverberating and connective.

Beth Turnbull

Last Year’s Contributing Artists (2018)